Avoiding Dog Bites - Keeping Yourself and Your Family Safe

The causes of personal injury can range as widely as the injuries themselves. We talk a lot about Louisville automobile accidents or workplace incidents, but sometimes forget injuries of the canine variety!

Whether you are a dog owner yourself, or the friend of one, there are simple strategies you can implement to keep everyone safe.

For dog owners:

1. The number one recommendation provided by the Humane Society of the United States is to spay or neuter your dog. While this is beneficial for a number of reasons (such as controlling the pet population), it also makes your pet less likely to roam or fight with other dogs.

2. Know your dog’s limitations in different settings. If your dog is easily agitated by loud noises, don’t take them where they’ll be exposed to that uncomfortable setting. The more agitated the dog, the more likely their behavior will be unpredictable.

3. Saying that, do try to socialize your dog as much as possible. Start with short periods of time in a new environment, and work them up to longer durations in different settings.

4. Take your dog to a Louisville obedience facility so that you can learn more about your dog, and how to effectively (and humanely) control your dog.

5. Don’t engage in rough play or “wrestling” with your dog. They are unable to get a sense of when (or with whom) this play is appropriate, and this could set them up for failure if they guess wrong. Also, wrestling with a puppy is much different than wresting with a full grown dog; start as you wish to continue.

For others:

1. When visiting Louisville friends or family with a dog, ask the owner first if the dog is friendly or startles easily. Some older dogs are especially sensitive to sudden movements or loud noises, finding out in advance can better prepare you and your children.

2. Teach your children how to safely approach a dog, even if it’s a dog they know well. Remind them never to take a toy or food from a dog, pull at the dog’s ears or tail.

3. If you are out and encounter a leashed dog, don’t pet or approach the dog without checking with the owner first. If the owner suggests you don’t pet the dog, don’t be offended, they know their pet better than you and are only trying to protect you both from injury.

4. Never leave young children with a dog unsupervised.

5. A female dog with her puppies should always be left alone. Their instinct is to be extremely protective; respect their natural tendencies.

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