5 Important Tips for Keeping Yourself Safe as a Louisville Pedestrian

Regardless of the time of year, getting out for a walk and enjoying all of the beautiful areas of Louisville is a past time enjoyed by many. It's also important to remember that pedestrian safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Here are our top 5 tips to keep you and your Louisville walking companions safe:

  1.  Being aware of your surroundings requires all of your senses – avoid wearing ear buds or headphones when out walking. Listening to music obstructs your ability to hear a car coming towards you, a car horn, or another pedestrian attempting to alert you of approaching danger. Also, talking on your cell phone or texting could be distracting you while walking. If you’re texting and focused down at your phone, you’re not looking ahead to possible hazards.
  2. Wait for the walk signal at intersections. It can be difficult to judge the speed of oncoming vehicles; don’t try to cross the street in front of any vehicle.
  3. When walking in the evening or early morning, wear reflective clothing and carry a flashlight.  Do whatever you can to be visible to drivers, especially in areas that do not have sidewalks.
  4. Always look both ways, whether crossing at an intersection controlled by stoplights or signage, check and double check for vehicles. We teach our children to stop, look, listen, and look again at intersections – it’s important we lead by example and do the same. Also, whenever possible walk on the sidewalk, if one isn't available walk facing traffic.
  5. We always talk about drinking and driving, but alcohol intoxication can affect pedestrians as well.  It has been reported that alcohol impairment, whether as a driver or pedestrian, is present in almost half of traffic crashes that result in the death of the pedestrian. Alcohol intoxication can impact your judgment of the dangers around you and make your movements less predictable to drivers.

Although it’s ingrained in us that “pedestrians have the right of way”, it doesn't mean that pedestrians are not just as responsible for their own safety as drivers are responsible to keep them safe. Pedestrians are extremely vulnerable given their lack of protection in the event that they are involved in an accident with a motor vehicle.

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