Keeping Louisville Communities Safe - Put Patience Ahead of Speed

Safe driving requires the ability to master several driving skills. Whether it’s driving in changing weather conditions, different times of day, or highway versus residential driving – you must adapt your driving multiple times over the course of your day.

While we’re always cautious in our own Louisville community and certainly are aware of where local children play or where the potholes are, we need to be extra cautious when visiting other communities that we’re not so familiar with.

This week we wanted to highlight 10 tips for driving carefully in our Louisville communities.

  1. Stay within the speed limit. Most Louisville residential areas have posted speed limits of between 25-35 mph. Remember, the posted speed limit is a guideline only, if the roads are slippery or visibility is poor go slower.
  2. Be alert. It takes just moments for children to dart out between two cars or down a driveway. Be on the lookout for reversing vehicles that may not see you coming, don’t assume they see you.  Watch for parked cars with an eye out for people who might be opening doors to get out of those cars. Look for pets that may be running near the streets or out from between parked cars. Try to anticipate hazards, not just react to them.
  3. Louisville traffic signs are there to guide your driving. If there is a sign for a school zone, slow down. Come to a complete stop at stop signs. Also watch for signs indicating other traffic rules such as those that indicate whether U-turns are not allowed, or identify one way streets.
  4. Watch for other users of Louisville roads such as bikes, motorcycles, scooters and other smaller vehicles. They can be harder to spot, can be unpredictable or operated by minors.
  5. Focus on the task at hand – driving. Keep your eyes on the road, save that text message or phone call for when you’ve arrived at your destination.
  6. Pedestrians have the right of way at intersections. Be patient with seniors, or parents with children. Check and double check at intersections.
  7. Residential neighborhoods are often narrow; allow room for other motorists by staying on your side of the road.
  8. Louisville residential streets should not be used as shortcuts, they are not meant for high levels of traffic.
  9. Only park on the side of the road, or in front of someone's house if it is permitted. If you’re not sure, ask.
  10. Yield to all Louisville emergency and utility vehicles such as police cars, fire trucks, snow plows, street sweepers. When an emergency vehicle is approaching, pull over to the right when safe to do so, and stop until the vehicle passes. Allow utility vehicles to do their job by yielding to them.

These simple tips are a great reminder for all drivers. Keep our Louisville communities safe by putting patience ahead of speed.

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