Five Tips for Finding the Perfect Personal Injury Attorney for You

You’ve been injured – your recover seems long, the paperwork is confusing and time consuming. You think you make headway and then there’s another bunch of paperwork to be done. It always seems to be two steps forward three steps back.

Add the paperwork to doctors’ appointments, and it begins to be overwhelming. When do you find time to heal?

Is it time to get a Louisville Personal Injury lawyer?

Too often those who suffer personal injuries – regardless of the circumstance – are hesitant to hire a Louisville attorney. Perhaps they’re fearful of seeming too litigious, or feel they can handle it on their own. Perhaps they’re afraid that hiring an attorney means going to court – which it doesn’t necessarily. Most of all, they’re afraid of the cost.

So what should you look for when finding the perfect personal injury attorney?

  1. Your first consultation should be complimentary. This is an opportunity to discuss your case to see if there really IS a case. That being said, ask your lawyer what his or her fees will be depending on the variety of paths your case could take. Keep in mind that lawyer’s fees do not include expenses, ask if your lawyer can estimate what the cost for expenses could be based on previous cases they’ve handled.
  2. Your first meeting is more than discussing your case; it’s also an opportunity to judge goodness of fit between you and your attorney. Are they attentive? Do they have experience in cases like yours? Can they give referrals? Do you feel their caseload is realistic, or do they seem to take all cases and are overwhelmed? Do you feel comfortable with their plan on handling your case?
  3. Experience – Lawyers tend to specialize in an area of law; does your Louisville Personal Injury lawyer have experience in personal injury cases? Due to confidentiality, it’s difficult for lawyers to give out client referrals, but they can give out referrals from colleagues.
  4. You should make initial contact with your lawyer, not the other way around. Ambulance Chasing is illegal in the majority of states. If you receive a call from a lawyer wanting your case that is unsolicited – look elsewhere.
  5. Is your lawyer willing to discuss a myriad of options for handling your case? While most times a lawsuit needs to be filed, and sometimes can be settled before going to court, there are some cases where the entire matter can be handled without actually filing a lawsuit. Make sure you know all of your options.

Remember, your case will take time. The legal system (even when being navigated by professionals) is slow. Be wary of any attorneys who promise a quick resolution to your case, and be even more wary of guarantees. Honest opinions, yes, guarantees, no.

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