Summer Safety Tips from Your Louisville Personal Injury Lawyer

Summer is here! Your kids are out of school and summer holidays and family vacations are beginning all across the country. Summer is a great time to enjoy various activities with family and friends including swimming, camping, boating, hiking, and much more.

These experiences are a wonderful way to make great memories with your family and friends and to enjoy the wonderful weather that summertime brings. It’s also important to remember these safety tips from your Louisville injury lawyer to keep your family and friends safe while enjoying wonderful outdoor activities:

Swimming Pool Safety Tips from Your Louisville Injury Lawyer

  • Always ensure children are supervised by an adult when they are in the pool area.
  • Surround pools on all sides with fences and locking gates
  • Do not dive in water that is shallower than 5 feet
  • Do not go head first down the slide
  • Drain blow up pool after each use

Driving Safety Tips Louisville Injury Lawyer

  • Enjoy the weather and back yard BBQs but do not drink and drive
  • Watch out for road construction crews and work zones on highways
  • Take your time on the road and plan ahead for increased traffic on the road
  • Get your vehicle tuned-up before you head out on a summer road trip
  • If you are going out on the road for a bike ride ensure you wear a helmet
  • Wear your seat belt and make sure your passengers are buckled up at all times

Boating Tips Louisville Injury Lawyer

  • Do not drink and boat
  • Watch for other vessels on the water
  • Know the rules of the water and ensure you follow them
  • Use life jackets while traveling in a water craft
  • Always wear a life jacket when participating in water sports

Have a great summer and stay safe!

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