After A Louisville Automobile Accident - What NOT To Do

Following an Louisville Automobile Accident, you’ll hear suggestions from well-meaning friends and colleagues. They’ll give you advice, and have the best of intentions – but here are a few things your Louisville Personal Injury Lawyer recommends you DON’T do!

1.  DON’T leave an accident scene without getting contact information from other involved parties or witnesses. DO write down their name, contact phone number, make and model of their vehicle, license plate, and home address.

2. DON’T wait to get medical attention, even if your injuries seem minor at the time, other injuries could appear over the next few days or weeks. DO seek medical attention and document which doctor you saw and when. Also note any follow ups recommended by your physician, and make sure you follow the physician’s advice! Attend all follow up appointments, and record all tests performed and their outcomes.

3. DON’T sign any claim documents. DO review these documents with your Louisville Personal Injury Lawyer.

4. DON’T give statements to anyone – and especially don’t admit fault or liability. DO ask your Louisville Personal Injury Lawyer for advice on what to say, and to whom. DON’T be afraid to tell anyone who wants a statement from you that you’d like to consult your Louisville Personal Injury Lawyer.

5. DON’T handle a personal injury claim by yourself. DO get a Louisville Personal Injury Lawyer’s help.  The weeks and months following an automobile accident can be confusing, and information will move quickly. Having someone who is only focused on your best interests and not the interests of other parties will prove to be a huge asset when decisions need to be made.

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