Louisville Pedestrian Accidents: How to Protect Yourself

It is the responsibility of both Louisville drivers and pedestrians to protect each other’s safety.  From time to time both Louisville drivers and pedestrians forget the importance of being aware of the movements of each other, and that they need to work together to keep each other safe.

There are a few key tips to protect you from injury as a Louisville pedestrian:

  1. Always respect traffic signals.
  2. Wear reflective or light colored clothing when walking at night
  3. Cross at marked intersections
  4. Watch for traffic turning at intersections
  5. Watch for traffic leaving driveways or reversing
  6. Make sure drivers see you when you cross, and that traffic has come to a complete stop.

As a Louisville motorist, you should:

  1. Be patient, especially with pedestrians who have special needs, such as the elderly, or those travelling with young children/strollers.
  2. Always look for pedestrians, especially when turning or reversing out of a driveway or parking space.
  3. Stay alert in Louisville residential or school zones!

Parents and caregivers should also take the time to teach those in their care:

  1. Proper road crossing techniques
  2. Encourage children to walk on the inside of the sidewalk away from the travelled portion of the road.
  3. Stop before the edge of the sidewalk.
  4. Teach children to be alert, always checking and double checking before crossing the road.
  5. Lead by example! Follow good pedestrian habits all the time!

If you have been injured as a Louisville pedestrian, consult with Louisville Personal Injury Attorney to find out what your rights are, and what actions (if any) you should be taking with your case.

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