Louisville Parents Can Help Prevent Teen Car Accidents

Kentucky laws have put various restrictions on new Kentucky drivers but Louisville parents can still help prevent teen car accidents. While the new requirements in place needed to obtain your Kentucky Driver’s License assist in preparing teens for the road and provide further training; it is critical that parents continue to offer advice and training as well for their new teen drivers. Parents play a crucial role when it comes to being involved in preventing accidents.

Lack of experience is a major factor that leads to accidents amongst teens. When new drivers have less experience they often lack the skills necessary to properly judge and recognize situations that occur on the road. Taking your teen out driving and pointing out possible hazards will help them gain experience and begin to assess situations as an adult would.

Parents can also help prevent teen car accidents by preparing teens to drive in all weather conditions and ensuring they are comfortable behind the wheel when the seasons change. Louisville parents have had practice and experience driving in all seasons, driving conditions and on various roadways. In most cases Louisville parents have seen the aftermath of an accident where the driver was unprepared for the weather conditions.

Louisville parents can also help prevent teen car accidents by setting boundaries around the number of passengers allowed in the vehicle and how late the teen is allowed to be out with the vehicle. They can also discuss a safe volume level for the radio or car stereo to be at when their Louisville teen is driving. One last important point that Louisville parents should be discussing with their teens is the importance of seat belts and always buckling up. Not only should their teen be ensuring they are buckled up at all times but that their passengers are buckled up safely.

Lastly, Louisville parents can help prevent teen car accidents by setting a good example themselves. If Louisville parents always wear their seatbelts, pay attention to and obey road signs, pull over to talk on a cell phone, and do not display aggressive driving behaviors teens are likely to follow with the same behavior.

Louisville parents…it’s your job to help your teens safe on the roads and prevent car accidents. Ensure you provide the proper training for your teens.

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