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Summer is here in full force and there are more bikes on the road than any other time of the year. This particular season reminds us about the extra caution we must take when out riding our bike and enjoying the summer air. This not only includes riding with extra caution but also ensuring you’re wearing the proper safety gear when hitting the road.

Kentucky Motorcycle Laws
In Kentucky, the law requires that all riders younger than 21 wear helmets, with no exception. If you live in Kentucky and you’re over 21 years old you do not have to wear a helmet if you can show proof that you are covered by a medical insurance policy.

Wearing a Helmet
One of the most crucial pieces of safety equipment is a motorcycle helmet. You should never leave home without one and you should always wear it while riding your bike anywhere. Motorcyclists have little protection so even the smallest of collisions can cause a severe brain injury. Helmets not only protect the brain but they also protect your face while riding your motorcycle in Louisville and help you avoid flying insects and other debris on the road.

Motorcycle Gear
Wearing the proper motorcycle gear is essential to preventing injury. For example, you should wear eye protection (if you helmet does not have a face shield), gloves, long pants and over the ankle boots. The more protective motorcycle gear you wear the more you will be protected in the case of a crash.

Motorcycle Rider Caution
Always try and make eye contact with others on the road and never assume that they see you while you are riding your motorcycle in Louisville. Also, watch out for left-turning vehicles at intersections as many times drivers in cars don’t see you or misjudge the speed you are approaching them at.

Road Conditions
Always be aware and alert to the road conditions throughout Louisville. Watch for wet roads, fluid spills, sand, gravel, highway sealant, railroad tracks, potholes and other hazards on the road that could get in your way or reduce your traction.

When To Contact Your Louisville Personal Injury Attorney
Helmet laws and safe-driving practices aside, motorcycle accidents have a higher rate of injury and fatality than automobile accidents. Whether a negligent driver or defective equipment is responsible for the accident, contacting your Louisville personal injury attorney will help you decide the appropriate course of action.

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