4 Types of Head Injuries

Sometimes invisible to the naked eye, head injuries are difficult to detect and diagnose. It’s important to know that there are many different types of head injuries that can happen in different parts of the brain. Head injuries can also range from being mild to severe.

These are a few different head injuries that can occur in one’s life from various circumstances:

  • Open Head Injuries occur when an object enters the skull such as a bullet.
  • A hit to the head or falling and hitting your head often cause concussions. Concussions can occur following a hit to the head or a fall.
  • Contusions can be caused when blood vessels are damaged or broken as a result of a hit to the head. This can occur if you hit your head against an object or if an object such as a hammer or piece of wood hits your head.
  • A brain hematoma can range in size from being tiny to very large and are traumatic. A hematoma is a collection of blood outside of a blood vessel generally caused from the ruptures of different blood vessels.

Ensuring you use the proper safety equipment to protect your head at all times will help you avoid a head injury. While typically you would not wear safety equipment while driving your car these are some safety equipment ideas on how you can protect your head in other situations:

  • cowboy hats
  • hard hats
  • hockey helmets
  • bike helmets
  • baseball helmets

Also, get the proper assistance from a Louisville injury attorney if you are experiencing a head injury and determine if you qualify for head injury compensation.

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