The Importance of Maintaining Your Vehicle

For last week’s blog, I wrote about aggressive drivers and how to avoid (and not become) one. This week I wanted to share a story my friend told me, a good reminder to always maintain our vehicles.

A friend of mine was recently rushing home to pick her kids up from the bus stop. She was travelling in the fast lane of a multi-lane freeway in rush hour, when suddenly she felt a “pop” in the rear of her vehicle, and the vehicle lost speed suddenly and considerably. She was now three lanes from the safety of the shoulder, travelling well below the speed of other drivers. Frantically she put on her four-way flashers, and made her way over to the freeway shoulder. She turned her vehicle off, and was shaking.

After having the vehicle towed to a mechanic, she learned that the cause of the malfunction was due to a fluid leak she was aware of, and had neglected to attend to. It was a costly repair, however she felt lucky to have only a large mechanic bill to deal with, instead of the emotional cost of causing an accident and injuring someone due to her mistake.

Thankfully no accidents were caused as a result of this incident, but my friend could have been directly involved, or caused an accident between other vehicles because of the malfunction of her vehicle. So how should you properly maintain your vehicle, so you don’t end up in the same situation?

If you suspect that something is wrong, it probably is. Take it to a trusted mechanic and invest in the one hour of labor it takes to review the safety of your vehicle.

Review the recommended maintenance schedule for your vehicle, and follow it.
Prepare for the seasons. Winter tires allow for better control in snow, remember, if you lose control of your vehicle you can cause an accident with or for someone else.
Check for recalls on your vehicle. If you’ve moved since you originally purchased your vehicle, go on the manufacturers’ website, or check with your local dealership to see how to receive updates.
If your check engine light comes on, don’t ignore it. While it may be something simple like a sensor malfunction, it may also be the early signs of a more serious problem. Take your vehicle in to have it diagnosed, and then determine to most appropriate course of action.
Maintaining your vehicle is your responsibility, not just for your own safety, but the safety of those you share the road with.

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